Etor BoyZ-বরিশাইল্লা বন্ধু | Borishailla Friend | Faruk | Bangla Funny Video 2018

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Video Titel : Etor BoyZ-বরিশাইল্লা বন্ধু || Borishailla Friend | Faruk | Bangla Funny Video 2018

[This Video has Only Made For Give You Guys Fun & Entertainment, Please Don't Take It Seriously ]

Hello Guys!
We are back With Another Video.This Video Is totally A funny video.We Have showed here a #Borishailla_Friend.he do many funny perposes.
Actually, Its a funny video.People of Borishal Is Not like That, We Think So.So,People of Borishal,please don't Mind,we are sorry & we just made this video for fun.

In this video,
A friend is From Borishal and another two friend came from Dhaka to Borishal.Then, The borishalilla friend recive them warmly and ask them how they came much quickly, they replied that, thay start journey in 2017 and reached borishal at 2018.Then Borisailla friend said,it takes 2 years,bt u came in 1 year,its Good...Lets move.
Then,borisailla friend took them into.his house but he can't give them any food,when they asked him for food he replied that he is much rich and he made some special items for them.He made Korola Vorta & Sutkir Mangso.
One day they all were standing in a place, suddenly one friend ask to borishailla about his famousity,he replied that he is very famous in his village, he got 22 followers on fb,he get 4/5 likes in every post with laugh react.Suddenly a man of village came and he was looking for Faruk.Then, two friend wants to know why he is finding fAruk,the man replied with sorrow that,his wife brought a hen but last night Faruk take it and ran away, he is a thief.
Next,A dhakaya friend was going to watch movie and another one was with Birishailla Guy.the friend was stammerer,then another friend left them but the stammerer friend still stammeing,after 3 hour movie End but the stamming of his friend can't stop,then the friend came and slap him,rhen he stop his stamming, but borishailla friend was tired to heraing stamming, ge start cring.
After that, two dhaka guys was sitting, one took s pak of biskits,but he found it over date, he leave it,then borishailla friend came and start to eat biskit without permission like a thief,then dhakaya friend watch it and said, friend its date over. Borishailla become shocked & said he has do fun with Them.
The End.
We have a Dance Part In this Video at last

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